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Learning Japanese concept of 5S at KIKI

Learning Japanese concept of 5S @ KIKI

KIKI not only trains students to excel in academics but also trains them in various co-curricular activities. One of them is 5S. We students are taught to understand the importance of 5S by doing it.

5S is not just a clean-up campaign, it’s a system that allows individuals to work more efficiently. It requires:

  1. Perseverance and determination
  2. The ability to see what’s important
  3. Attention to detail

Gurjeet Singh at KIKI

Experience of getting “On-the Job Training” through KIKI
Batch: 2015 Mechatronics

I feel really proud to be a part of KIKI Centre for Technology. KIKI gives us excellent training in soft and technical skills. It refines all our skills which helps a lot during the various stages of our interview. KIKI’s intensive coaching boosted my confidence levels to a great extent.

KIKI Centre for Technology is an excellent institute where students get innumerable opportunities to hone their skills and talents. Once we step into this institute there is no looking back, only sky is the limit for every student here.

Sophisticated infrastructure, excellent faculty and well-maintained labs provide every student an opportunity to excel in life.

Student Name: Gurjeet Singh
Company: Atma Autotech Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Jeslin Mathew at KIKI

Importance of Soft Skills at KIKI
Batch: 2016 (Tool & Die Making)

I am a second-year student of Kiki Centre for Technology. When I joined Kiki Centre for Technology one year back, I was introduced to a very new subject “SOFT SKILLS” – it was new to me not because I never heard it in my school time but I never heard it from any of the friends of mine who happened to have joined the college before me.

It has turned out to be not only the most interesting and fun subject but also the most useful in every possible way. We were told from how to sit properly to how to work in teams. We were taught effective communication skills, leadership skills, teamwork skills through various exercises and games conducted by experienced and professional trainers. Soft skills have helped me a lot to develop my personality and helped me to maintain good relations with everyone.

I now feel that soft skills do play a very significant role in one’s success and it should be taught in every institute and college for a better tomorrow of both students and the country.

Student Name: Jeslin Mathew
Company: Mindarika Pvt. Ltd.

1_Arun Kumar_Graduation_2013A

Advantage of Kiki Diploma over regular Diploma

My name is Arun Kumar, and I was a student of mechatronics at KiKi and graduated in March-2016. I got my final placement at IFB Industries Ltd.,Bangalore where I am working with the salary package of 3.5 Lakh CTC.

Before joining Kiki, I had done a regular Diploma course at another college, but was very depressed about my future, since I could not find a suitable job. Then I joined Kiki, as a lateral Entry 2 nd Year student and I quickly realized that the trainers are very knowledgeable and helpful. And my life changed.

Initially, while at Kiki, during the Earn While You Learn programme, I worked at Atma for on-job training. On completion, I got a job offer from IFB Bangalore which I immediately accepted. I am very happy. Thank you to Kiki and all the Staff of Kiki Centre for Technology.


Graduating @ Kiki
11-July 2016

My name is Vicky Kumar. I was a Tool and Die student at Kiki Centre for Technology and passed out in March-2016. I got my final placement at IFB Industries Ltd., Bangalore, where I am working as a Tool Designer with the salary package of 3.1 Lakh CTC.

I am very satisfied with my job and also with Kiki Centre for Technology. Kiki Centre gave me a huge amount of knowledge, which is very useful for my career. This knowledge which I gained from Kiki is only possible with the help of the trainers. I realized that Kiki Centre has a very good and friendly environment for teaching and learning, which may be not available in other institutions.

Before joining IFB, in the Earn While You Learn course, I worked as a trainee at Wahi Sons. Kiki Center provided me many interviews and I got several job opportunities. Finally, I selected IFB Industries Ltd. I am very thankful to Kiki and all the trainers of Kiki Centre for Technology.


Learning German @ Kiki
18-July 2016

I am Kanwaljeet Singh, a final year student in Tool and Die making at KIKI Centre for Technology. I have the priviledge to learn German Language at this institute. We are provided with special Faculty Dr.- Ing. Wolfgang Eckhardt, from Germany for language. It is a very big opportunity for us students in order to prepare for working abroad. As our course is certified from German Chamber of Skilled Crafts, Koblenz, Germany, this means we can apply for jobs in Europe and learning German gives us an advantage.

Learning any foreign language is now-a- days very expensive, whereas at our institute this is provided free of cost. I believe Kiki Centre for Technology has always been relentless in the pursuit of the best.