Faculty for our Training Institute

The success of our students depends on the strength of our faculty. For this purpose, faculty at Kiki Centre for Technology is well qualified and extremely well trained to deliver courses as per industry requirements.
Faculty consists of German and Indian experts from Academia and Industry.
Some of our senior faculty details are mentioned below.



KV. Sreejith
Expert area:                 Technical Training and Administration
Qualification:               Post Diploma in Tool Design
Work Experience:      19 years
Having received specialized training in Singapore, he is an expert in the area of technical training for students. He also has industry experience having been part of the design team of the IMV project of Toyota Innova. Prior to joining Kiki, he was the head of the Pune skill development centre of one of India’s largest companies- Bharat Forge.


Curriculum Expert

Bruno Heuer
Expert area:                Curriculum Expert- Mechatronics and systems development
Qualification:              University studies specializing in the area of Training with further education in the area of automation technology
Work Experience:      35 years
Having a wealth of experience as a trainer in the field of Mechatronics in Germany and internationally, he was a teacher of Mechatronics at Ludwig Geissler Schule, Hanau, Germany. He was also a member of the examination board for Mechatronics as well as paper setter for the Mechatronics Master’s qualifying examination. Further, he was engaged by German Agency for Technical Co-operation (GTZ), Eschborn, Germany, to train students internationally in the area of Mechatronics. At Kiki, he is responsible for aligning the Indian and German curriculum to ensure that competence imparted (in the fields of Mechatronics and Robitics, Tool and Die Making, Industrial Automation, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and other vocational courses) to an Indian student is at the same level as that of a German student.


Joachim Thiel
Expert area:                   Curriculum Expert- Mechatronics & Electronics
Qualification:                Engineering Degree in the area of Measuring technique and Electronic devices
Work Experience:        35 years
He is a qualified trainer from Germany, imparting training in the areas of Mechatronics and applicaion of Mechatronics, Electrical Electronics Engineering. He is also experienced as a member of the examination board of industrial electricians. At Kiki, he works together with Bruno Heuer looking into different areas of the vast German Mechatronics curriculum, modularising the curriculum and ensuring its adaptation to the Indian context.


Gerhard Piecyk
Expert area:                    Curriculum Expert- Tool & Die Making
Qualification:                 Degree in Technical Business Administration Apprenticeship in Tool and Mould Making
Work Experience:         35 years
He is an expert in the area of Tool and Die making, having professionally worked in Germany as a Tool and Die maker. Additionally, he has worked in various manufacturing businesses in Germany of different areas such as Materials Management, Production Planning etc. At Kiki, he adapts the German curriculum to the Indian Context and focuses on preparedness of final year students for Tool and Die maker jobs.


Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Eckhardt
Expert area:                      Curriculum Expert- Tool & Die Making
Qualification:                   Degree in Technical Business Administration
Apprenticeship in Tool and Mould Making
Work Experience:          35 years
He is a chartered engineer (Dipl.-Ing.), from Technical University of Karl-Marx-Stadt, department of design and construction/machine tool engineering, Germany. He has highly specialized knowledge in the area of Tool, Die and Mould design and manufacture, having worked at companies and also in the teaching and research & development department at Friedrich Schiller University in Germany. At Kiki, he works together with Gerhard Piecyk, to align the German curriculum of Tool and Die design to the Indian context.


Senior Faculty

Pramod K.
Expert area:                       Tool and Die- Design and Manufacturing
Qualification:                    BSc., B.Tech – Mechanical
Work Experience:           35 years
He is an expert in the area of Tool and Die, having been sent to Germany by the Government of India, for an extended period for receiving technical training. Previously he was the General Manager of the Indo-German tool room, Ahmedabad. Passionate about training, his expertise guides the 2nd and 3rd year Kiki students to become excellent tool designers for Tool and Die maker jobs.


Amit R.
Expert area:                        Industrial Application- Mechatronics & Automation
Qualification:                    MSc. – Electronics
Work Experience:           15 years
Starting off his career as an automation engineer, he has worked in the area of Industrial Automation Design, Pneumatics, PLC Programing etc. He has also designed and implemented various automation projects in India and Indonesia. On joining Kiki, he focuses on the application of Industrial Automation and guides the students in their projects.


Prabhat S.
Expert area:                       Heat Treatment & Metallurgy
Qualification:                   B.Sc with MBA in Training and Development
Work Experience:           33 years work
Having previously worked at the Indo-German tool room, Lucknow and Indore, he established the heat treatment and lab facilities at both these Government of India tool room and training institutes. He was also sent to Germany by Government of India to receive special training on heat treatment. Thereafter, he moved to industry as plant head of Bodycoat, Gurgaon; Bodycoat being one of the World’s best heat treatment company’s. At Kiki he has established the metallurgy lab and spends his time teaching and guiding the students on heat treatment and Metallurgy- a core area for mechanical engineer training.

Team Members

Team Electrical/ Electronics
The Electrical/ Electronics team is a highly dynamic team working under the guidance of Senior Experts Bruno Heuer and Joachim Thiel. The team has successfully implemented the German Dual model, Earn While You Learn, Mechatronics course in India. The Mechatronics team consists of trainers who have both practical and theoretical knowledge. The trainers are specialists in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. They are proud to have created what can be considered in its category as probably one of the best Mechatronics Engineering Syllabus in India.

Team Members

The Mechanical team is a very experienced team with several members of the team having over 20 years of work experience and having worked with Indo-German Tool Rooms and Training Centres. The team is highly rated, having conducted courses not only for long term and short term courses, but also for companies. In the recent feedback survey of courses conducted for companies such as India’s leading automotive manufacturer-Maruti Suzuki, leading American medical equipment company- Stryker etc. the Mechanical team has received a feedback rating of Excellent.